What is RapidPlan?

RapidPlan is an easy to learn, easy to use software application for creating plans on and around roadways. Traffic control plans, event management diagrams, evacuation plans, incident diagrams and more are all simple to create with RapidPlan.

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Money back guarantee

Most software companies insist that sales are final, which means that all the risk is put on the purchaser. Invarion is different! With RapidPlan, we are so sure you will love the software, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee – if the program is not what you were looking for we will happily refund the costs.

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RapidPlan for your country

RapidPlan is available in localized versions for any country around the world. Local signs and standards are included with the software as well as a fully translated interface.

If the standards in your country are changed or updated, your sign libraries are automatically updated to ensure that you always have the current standard.

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